Health & Fitness

Making Sense of Nutrition Guidelines and Labels
Central Penn Parent Big Book of Health, 2015

Top Men's Health Issues
BusinessWoman, June 2015

5 Popular Fitness Trends for Women
BusinessWoman, December 2014

Rheumatoid Arthritis & Osteoarthritis—What's the Difference?
b magazine, Winter 2014

Acupuncture & Physical Therapy for Pain Management
b magazine, Winter 2014

Real Solutions to Common Leg & Foot Problems
BusinessWoman, August 2014

3 Healthy Eating Tips From Google Headquarters
Huffington Post, July 2014

Want to eat healthier? Try seeing the glass as half-full
No Sweat, York, April 2014

Success story: North York woman sheds more than a third of her body weight
Smart magazine, March/April 2014

Study finds guilt and shame are common at the doctor's office
No Sweat, York, March 2014

5 Ways For Moms To Be More Active
Comeback Momma, March 2014

7 smartphone apps to make healthy eating easier
No Sweat, York, February 2014

Sit less, stand more to improve your health
No Sweat, York, January 2014

Fitness trends for 2014
No Sweat, York, January 2014

Indulge the Right Way and Still Lose the Weight
Skinny Mom, December 2013

Five health benefits of owning a pet
No Sweat, York, December 2013

Four healthy reasons to eat more slowly
 No Sweat, York, November 2013

5 quick tips for becoming a morning exerciser
No Sweat, York, October 2013

For warding off weight gain, every minute of exercise really does count
 No Sweat, York, September 2013

How to nix nighttime snacking
No Sweat, York, September 2013

Pregnancy, Parenting, and Family

Declarations of Independence
Broward Family Life, July 2016

Senior Isolation: How to Help When You Can't Be There
Lemon Drop Gifts Blog, February 2016

6 Tips to Make Divided Holidays Easier
Central Penn Parent, December 2015

Dear Children, I'm Not Sorry I Work
Scary Mommy, September 2015

5 Quick Tips for a Spectacular Toddler Photo Session
Portrait Innovations blog, May 2015

Kids' Parties Through the Ages
Central Penn Parent, April 2015

8 Tips for Choosing the Right Preschool
Mom Babble, March 2015

The Real Reason Becoming a Mom Changes Everything
Kidspot Australia, March 2015

12 Tips for Trick-or-Treating with Toddlers
BonBon Break, October 2014

New Study Says Pinocchio Won't Teach Your Kid to Stop Lying...But This Will
Mamapedia, July 2014

Dear Second-Time Moms, Please Stop Belittling Me
Huffington Post, June 2014

The Elusive Work-Family Balance: Quick Tips for Both Moms and Their Employers
Work It, Mom!, September 2013

Self-Esteem and Body Image

7 Ways to Let Go in the New Year
Elephant Journal, December 2014

What's Trending in Fashions for 2015?
BusinessWoman, November 2014

4 Ways to Accept a Compliment
Huffington Post, August 2014

"Do I Look OLD In This?" The Role of Old Talk in our Work with Young Women
YWCA USA, September 2013

Avoid "old talk" around impressionable young women 
York Daily Record, September 2013

Work and Productivity

Employee Handbooks: Creating Positive Employee Relations
BusinessWoman, March 2015

Going Back to School—Is It Right For You?
BusinessWoman, May 2014

She's Nuts About Granola
profile of Sarah Lanphier, co-founder and owner of Nuts About Granola
Smart magazine, May/June 2014

Gender equity on corporate boards makes good business sense
York Daily Record, January 2014

5 Signs You Need a Mental Health Day from Work
Queenic, January 2014

Cross It Off! How to Build a Better To-Do List 
Work It, Mom!, October 2013

Home and Organization

Containing the Chaos: Simple Tips for Keeping Kids Organized
Central Penn Parent, September 2015

Unwanted Visitors: How to Deal with Common Household Bug Problems
b magazine, Summer 2015

What Boomers Are Looking for in Retirement Living
b magazine, Spring 2015

Room Revivers
b magazine, Winter 2014

Turn Your Master Bath Into a Mini-Spa
b magazine, Fall 2014

When You're Not Ready to Slow Down, Consider the Benefits of an Active Adult Community
b magazine, Fall 2014

Backyard bliss: Carroll Township home takes the party outside
Smart magazine, July/August 2014

How to Slash Your Grocery Budget By Changing Your Mindset
Mamapedia, July 2014

Higher Education

The Future of Higher Education: Accelerated Degrees & Online Learning
Business Woman, July 2015

How Much Are College Application Fees?
Love To Know, March 2014

Tips for Living in a Sorority House
Love To Know, March 2014


Academic Writing

Mentoring At-Risk Girls: Necessary Conditions and Best Practices 

The Care Crisis: Directions for the Feminist Movement 


Best of York County 2015
York Sunday News, May 2015

Readers' Choice Awards
The Evening Sun, September 2014

Intros Community Profiles
MediaOne, July 2014

YWCA York Annual Report


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