Everybody has a blog these days. The CEO of a Fortune 500 company is blogging about second quarter earnings. New dads are recording their forays into parenthood. And your Great Aunt Millie is sharing her top-secret recipes with the world. Like I said, everybody has a blog. 

What makes a blog stand out from the crowd? What's the difference between a blog that generates significant traffic, comments, and shares—not to mention sales—and one that is only visited by a few?  

From my experience writing a high-traffic, profitable website, I can tell you some of the elements of success:

  • Regular Posting: Blog readers are looking for new, updated content on a regular basis. If you only update your blog every now and then, you're probably not going to gain many followers.
  • Clear Niche: While some people blog about anything and everything, the blogs that thrive focus their content around a particular subject, therefore targeting a particular audience.
  • Defined Purpose: The most successful bloggers know exactly what "success" means to them. What's your goal? To double your number of subscribers? To increase your advertising revenue? To characterize yourself/your company as an expert in your field?
  • Internet-Savvy: The way people read a blog is fundamentally different than the way they read a book or a newspaper article. Our eyes jump to short sentences but glaze over large blocks of text. We want images and videos to break up the written words. The best blogs aren't hindered by this unique format; rather, they take advantage of it.
  • Two-Way Street : Blogging is all about starting a conversation. Your followers (or members, supporters, clients, or stakeholders, as the case may be) want the opportunity to interact with you/your company through commenting, sharing, and social networking. A successful blog is written in such a way to invite and encourage this dialogue.

Do you need help generating content for your/your company's blog—content that incorporates the elements above? I am available as a regular blog contributor or a guest poster. Additionally, my personal blog posts are available for cross-posting. 

What to Expect When Working with Me: 

  • Experience: I understand the blogging landscape, including the process of building a significant readership from the ground up.
  • Timely Content: Because blogs are updated constantly, yours needs to feature the issues of today, not the issues of last month. I can help you maintain up-to-date content featuring the current news and happenings in your niche.
  • Posts with a Purpose: The blog posts I write for you will be tailored to your specific goal, be it generating traffic, revenue, esteem, or all three.
I can always rely on Katie to provide thorough, professional articles for the No Sweat, York blog. She uses credible sources and her writing requires little editing - making my job a lot easier! I wish all of my freelancers could write with the same level of skill that Katie has always provided.
— Rebecca LeFever, Health Reporter for the York Daily Record and editor of No Sweat, York
Katie consistently writes in a clean, concise and engaging manner. She has a relentless knack for creating content that interests her readers.
— Leigh Zaleski, former editor of No Sweat, York


Katie Markey McLaughlin, M.S.

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