Welcome! I'm a freelance grant writer, blogger, and children's book author.

If I had to describe my writing style in one word, it would be adaptable.


American author Catherine Drinker Bowen once said, “For your born writer, nothing is so healing as the realization that (s)he has come upon the right word.”

I recognize that the right word hinges on a piece’s audience and purpose.

The perfect phrase for a magazine article may not be the perfect phrase for a blog post; that catchy expression on a website may not work in an annual report. For me, there is great joy and satisfaction in playing with language so that the correct message is clearly conveyed to the intended reader. 

When you work with me, you have the advantage of working with a writer whose style can and will adapt to your specific needs. Additionally, you can count on my commitment to quality, punctuality, and professionalism in all areas of my writing and business relations.

  • As a blogger, I write mostly about issues of importance to women and their families, informed by my graduate degree in Women's & Gender Studies. This runs the gamut from silly (my latest motherhood blunders) to serious (how to advocate for stronger family leave policies at your workplace). My parenting blog Pick Any Two is a hub for busy moms who are tired of chasing the mirage of perfection—and instead want to prioritize what really matters, without apology or guilt.

  • As a grant writer, I craft winning proposals that help nonprofits secure the funding they need to implement their programs and services. Through my experience working with both grant seekers and grant funders, I have honed my ability to demonstrate a vital need, outline a feasible project design, and delineate a strong plan for evaluating and sustaining impact.

  • As a children's book author, I channel my inner kid to create picture books that delight toddlers, preschoolers, and school-age children. I believe our greatest natural resource is the minds of our children, and therefore they deserve our best—our best stories, our best characters, and our best efforts. Through careful attention to both style and substance, I strive to write stories that children will request repeatedly—and that parents, caregivers, and teachers will be happy to read aloud over and over again.

I look forward to working with you! 

I wish all of my freelancers could write with the same level of skill that Katie has always provided.
— Rebecca LeFever, Health Reporter for the York Daily Record and editor of No Sweat, York


Katie Markey McLaughlin, M.S.

e-mail: katiemclaughlin8@gmail.com

phone: 717-880-3286